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Author Topic: iPF5000 & HPR 308  (Read 1305 times)


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iPF5000 & HPR 308
« on: February 07, 2007, 11:54:22 pm »

Just checking to see if I should trust my experience: has anyone noticed a difference in image quality when profile targets for HPR are printed with one media setting or the other?

I was hoping that the new iPF5000 firmware/software/plugin would include a media setting for Canon Photo Rag, which was supposed to be repackaged HPR. But the paper seems to have been discontinued before the new software/firmware/plugin became available. The recent updates offer no Photo Rag media settings.

So the choices for HPR media setting remain as they were - Premium Matte (cassette, tray, or roll compatible) & Fine Art Heavyweight (tray & roll compatible only). But it turns out that these two media settings lay down exactly the same densities of ink! I tested this with HPR 308 & the Dry Creek media selection targets, via the plug-in. Both laid down indistinguishable color patterns with the same DMax (1.66, measured w/ X-Rite).

The difference is presumably just the platten ga & not the inking pattern. I've been printing with no difficulty on HPR 308 through the cassette using the Premium Matte media setting. Results = consistently correct feed; no head marks. I'll try one more test to see if the platten gap difference is enough to affect image sharpness, but if it doesn't, I'll go ahead & stick with the Premium Matte setting, so that I can continue loading HPR through the cassette.

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