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Author Topic: Clear film for window signage  (Read 1664 times)


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Clear film for window signage
« on: January 29, 2007, 12:58:38 am »


I have just received an ipf5000 that I intend to use for business and personal use. Among the uses I would like to try are vinyl signage for interiors and clear film window signage.

Since this is my first foray into this kind of work I have no clue how to go about creating effective window signage with the ipf5000, or even if it can be done at all. My store's window has dark window film from a previous tenant who occupied the whole building. I am assuming that I would be better served using spot colors, but again I really don't know. I would prefer to do color images to cut white vinyl lettering from a sign shop if it is possible.

Any information you can share is appreciated.
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