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Author Topic: Birds in Flight  (Read 172 times)

Jonathan Cross

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Birds in Flight
« on: June 08, 2024, 02:05:34 pm »

Can anyone tell me their preference for focussing on birds in flight, please.

I have a Fuji X-T4 and I have it set up for birds in flight in all but one respect.  I always use continuous focus as well as other settings like speed tracking sensitivity.  If a bird is stationery, then I use single point, the size of which is selectable.   I do have other choices, though.  I can choose zone focus with zones of 7x7, 5x5 and 3x3 focus points,  or wide tracking, where I focus the central frame on the place I want to focus and then that point is tracked as the object moves across the screen. 

I am unsure which focus choice to use in two situations, where the bird is flying against a background, say a wood, or where it is in the sky with no other background.

Advice would be appreciated and then I can practice before I go to Scotland.  At the moment I am leaning toward wide tracking if the bird is against the sky, but am unsure about a bird that is against a wood or building in case the camera does not fix quickly on the bird but maybe on a branch in the background.  Like everybody I want to have a high hit rate!

Thanks in advance,



Jonathan in UK
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