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Author Topic: HP Z9+ Makes Small Images - Not as Spec'd in Lightroom  (Read 156 times)


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HP Z9+ Makes Small Images - Not as Spec'd in Lightroom
« on: May 14, 2024, 10:45:29 pm »

I'm try to help out a local friend - he has a Z9+ 24" and I have a 44".  I don't seem to have this problem - but he goes....

This is Mac, Studio Max/Ultra 32gb-64gb/2TB - Sonoma 14.4.1

Steve defines a roll paper size (e.g. on 24" wide paper); and setups up a print using Lightroom Custom Package, ie: a 20"wide print 18" high - everything looks normal in Lightroom's Print Module and if you print to PDF instead of the real printer it proofs as expected.  But when printed to real paper the image comes out, for example, about 5x7" when it is spec'd to come out, as above. The rest is white space - the image is all there - it's just not the right size.  He has defined custom paper sizes under [Page Setup] / Custom Size / Manage Custom Sizes with all the expected specs and done the layout in Custom Package.  I do this all the time and I don't seem to have a problem with it.

Many years ago, I ran across something like this and found the solution was absolutely to ensure that when you invoke the Print Dialog, you make sure the Presets is always set to "Default Settings" before hitting [Print] so nothing in a Preset overrides the printer driver. I have dozens of templates made the same way and mine seem to work fine.

On my Mac, I made a couple of templates for him "22w x 24h on 24x28" roll and a similar 24w x 40h - I copied these over and these seem to work fine (but it's kind of restrictive to have just 2 !).  Our attempts to set up some others and on 17" paper always seem to result in prints that look perfect on line but print these itty-bitty little prints in reality.  Kind of infuriating.

Has anybody else seen this - any tips ?

So, moving on we explored using HpClick just to get something else going for him.  This seemed to work okay - although as you probably know it's pretty clunky and requires making an intermediary output TIF and then drag 'n dropping that onto the HpClick interface.  BTW - these sized properly. And I dis-liked the HpClick user interface.

Here's the question though.  We have papers that we have calibrated and done ICC Profiles using the Z9's spectrometer.  But the question is what should be the colour space of the intermediary TIF file?  We tried a bunch today printing the same image exported from LrC as a 16-bit TIFF with ProPhoto, sRGB and ADOBE RGB - and they all appeared identical (printed from an Olympus raw using LrC - so that is from LrC's color space).  That suggests to me that HpClick is color-space aware in that it properly maps whatever (reasonable) source colour space it is given properly to the ICC output space defined for that paper.

Would that be your understanding?
If so, then exporting as a 16-bit TIFF in ProPhoto is probably the best choice for photo prints...right?

Hp Support was not able to provide answers to either of these questions so I value your input


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