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Jeremy Roussak

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« on: April 27, 2024, 08:04:06 am »

After a short absence, I am happy to have returned to Luminous Landscape, at Jon Swindall's invitation.

He and I hope to revivify the forums and he, as LuLa's new owner, is working to obtain new content to publish on the main site. We ask you to bear with us; over he past few years, since Michael Reichmann's death and his son's involvement, LuLa has unfortunately had a good deal less attention than it deserves. It will inevitably take a little while to get it back on track.

I am pleased to note that political discussions seem largely to have remained confined to the Bear Pit topic and that must, of course, continue. Given the likely level of political interest and discussion this year, particularly (although not confined to) the USA, I intend to monitor the topic reasonably closely. All the stipulations I have set out in previous posts in this forum remain in force.


This topic is locked. I will post an identical message in the Coffee Corner, which will be open for responses.
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