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Author Topic: Flickr Foibles. aka One Problem My Mobile...Access  (Read 338 times)

Michael West

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Flickr Foibles. aka One Problem My Mobile...Access
« on: April 25, 2024, 05:37:05 pm »

I checked in on my Flickr account on my iPhone....and found the page in mild disarray with white space between the photos. and the message User Has No Public Photos at the top of the page.

upon visiting the same account on my desktop everything is normal correct "special" message that I have no "public Photos".

I emailed flick form their website CONTACT use  page...and am eagerly waiting to get there answer to fixing the problem.

as a New iPhone user as of las week...I was a bit mystified by this all.

Thank you.

Checking the same account minutes ago,,again on my iPhone....all had returned to normal.

Thanks for checking the message
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