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Author Topic: Quadtonerip and icc profiles  (Read 1248 times)


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Quadtonerip and icc profiles
« on: July 14, 2023, 06:55:40 pm »

I've asked this on the Quadtonerip forum without a reply.  So just wondering if anyone here knows what is going on

I have tried out Quadtonerip and found an associated program to create RGB icc profiles from a 21 step greyscale file measured with a Spyder Print.  This produces a file that Quadtonerip can convert into an icc file.  Printing with this in the nomal way - i.e. choosing the icc file as the output profile produced garbage.  But then I found a tutorial from Keith Cooper which explained that the way to use the icc profile created in Creat ICC Profile is  to convert the profile of a B&W file in Photoshop to the icc profile.  That lifted the deep blacks and shadows and definitely gave better separation of the shadows and blacks.  Then it is stated that the file, converted into the icc profile, should then have another profile assigned to it - doesn't matter whether it's Prophoto, Adobe RGB or Greyscale (I've tried them all) - in all cases that  that lightens the entire file which then needs further work.

I am actually getting pretty good results from this process - marginally but noticeably better than just using ABW on an Epson printer - but have no idea what or more realistically why I am doing this and what is going on.

Any experts out there who can explain?


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