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Author Topic: Need Help deciding on Tablet set up  (Read 514 times)


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Need Help deciding on Tablet set up
« on: April 22, 2023, 12:56:57 am »

Im a newbie here and would appreciate any constructive feedback.

Backstory_ I had a studio surface and loved it but it was lacking in power. Before I moved to Colorado, I sold it. In Colorado, I Purchased a fast gaming computer with 8 cores and  a Cintiq 32 pro display. I thought bigger was better, but the wacom was too large a screen and heavy. It was a huge financial mistake. Also, An ergo arm nor the Wacom stand were not ideal compared to the quick movement of the Surface studio stand it uses. So, I Sold the Wacom for a BenQ 271 and a wacom writing tablet. But, I still miss the ability to edit and draw directly on the screen. I love editing images on the actual monitor instead of writing tablet.

My dilemma and choices:

1) Purchase a much lighter display tablet (huion, or xpence with 4k) to use in connection with current setup
2) Purchase a used Studio Surface just to use as the second monitor (with mirroring) for editing directly on screen.
3) Wait for a Studio Surface 3 with comparable power to the gaming computer
4) A suggestion from the experts here.

Thank you in advance

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