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Author Topic: Canon R6 Mark II focusing frustration  (Read 711 times)


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Canon R6 Mark II focusing frustration
« on: April 08, 2023, 08:33:51 pm »

I am attempting to set up my R6MII in the following way:

Back button focus mapped to AF-ON button, no eye focus, smallest spot focus point.

* Button mapped to eye-focus tracking.

I have the star button/eye-focus working fine. I am completely bedeviled by the AF-ON button setup. I have the eye-focus turned off for this button, and the spot focus point appears in the viewfinder. However, when I use the AF-ON spot focus mode it will expand a blue box to grab an area larger (sometimes much larger) than my intended point where I had the point prior to hitting the AF-ON button.

For example, a row of daffodils and I want to focus on an individual flower, the camera will expand the spot focus point with a blue box to incorporate the row of daffodils, I can't isolate the single daffodil.

I want the AF-ON spot focus to work as it does on my 5D3, where I can isolate an object and the camera doesn't take over and expand the focus area. I am sure its a setting in the menus, but I spent a number of hours today and have been unable to get the behavior I want.

Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks in advance!
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