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Author Topic: Polaroid SX70--and film  (Read 403 times)

raymond bleesz

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Polaroid SX70--and film
« on: March 28, 2023, 09:17:04 am »

Please clarify: The SX70 camera can use the "Impossible" film produced for the SX70 camera---that Polaroid film, color or bw is rated at ASA 160.

With a "modification" to the camera, Polaroid 600 film, asa 640, color or bw can be used in a SX70 camera , however, after a modification to the camera for this particular film, the camera can no longer use the SX70 film (160).

My question is: Does the 600 films produce a "better" color than its counter partner, likewise the BW tonal range in the 2 films.

My understanding is that the 600 films are more abundant for various still existing cameras where as the SX70 films are not as common, restricted to the SX70 camera, hence my questions. Are the 600 films producing more color saturations, better colors, better BW than its slower counter partner, the ASA 160??

Thank you


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Re: Polaroid SX70--and film
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2023, 04:50:31 am »

Impossible have made various attempts at making films to fit the SX70 format since they took over the Polaroid factory. Sensitivity has been rather poorly regulated, so some have worked in the original SX70 if you just use a ND filter over the meter cell.

In my experience a couple of years ago, the films are very poor quality compared to the original ones. Trying to make qualitive judgements about colour or tonal range are futile when their manufacturing quality is so variable.
It would be nice to hope they can get the quality improved as the original materials were rather special, but I suspect that the current low production volumes don't allow them to really nail down issues.
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