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Author Topic: How to use a Nec sensor for ambient light  (Read 613 times)


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How to use a Nec sensor for ambient light
« on: December 18, 2022, 02:02:31 pm »

I have a MDSVSensor3 that I use to calibrate my Nec PA302 monitor using Spectraview II (MAC). I was watching a printing video with Jeff Shewe and noticed he uses it on his desktop with the opaque piece covering the sensor. What exactly is it doing? How does one use it properly? I'm clueless about using it. Please explain. Thanks!
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Re: How to use a Nec sensor for ambient light
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2022, 06:19:55 pm »

As I recall, SpectraviewII has an option to modify screen brightness in real time in response to changes in room lightness.    This could be what is going on.    I haven't seen the video, but it may be that (1) the paper isn't really opaque, it is just acting as a "dome" to average the light the sensor sees; or (2) the paper is just a convenient way to change the screen brightness for some other reason.    The Users Guide is incorporated into the software; fire up SpectraviewII and look under "Help" in the dropdowns.


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Re: How to use a Nec sensor for ambient light
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2022, 08:59:16 pm »

Page 33 of the SpectraView manual:

The Ambient Light Measurement tool allows measurements to be taken of the ambient light of the viewing environment around the display monitor. This feature is only available when using a supported color sensor.
Currently supported color sensors are:
• X-Rite/GretagMacbethEye-OneDisplayV2
• X-Rite/GretagMacbethEye-OnePro
• X-RiteiOneDisplayPro/NECSpectraSensorPro. • X-RiteColorMunki
• DatacolorSpyder3
These measurements are useful in determining the optimal viewing conditions for the area surrounding the display monitor. Ideally the ambient light level and color temperature should not influence the viewing of images on the display screen.
Follow the instructions on-screen for configuring the color sensor for Ambient Light measurement mode. Measurements are taken every few seconds and updated on the display as both a Luminance value and approximate color temperature value.
Note: The Datacolor Spyder3 ambient light sensor measures luminance only and not color temperature.
Author "Color Management for Photographers".
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