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Author Topic: C1 S-L-O-W tether preview updates  (Read 1137 times)


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C1 S-L-O-W tether preview updates
« on: December 03, 2022, 09:09:05 am »

I was on a shoot a couple weeks ago where I was shooting in the studio all week and so shot tethered rather than my usual shoot-to-card workflow. I was shooting the week with my Canon R5 to my Dell XPS15 laptop. With software such as Smart Shooter 4, I get virtually instant transfer and preview updates. (I also shoot RAW+JPEG because the backend work of creating JPEGs for client editing is so much slower.) I shoot 400-600GB in a week, and sometimes 300-500 grams per wardrobe change because of client options (tucked, untucked, with a belt, without, etc.).

My assistant who was acting as digital tech wanted to use C1, so since it doesn’t really matter to me, I said sure. The first half of the day went well. Images transferred quickly, previews displayed relatively rapidly. By the end of the day, though, I was running 100 images behind and had to stop to let the computer catch up. The next morning, I decided to create an entirely new session to see if speeds were better. For maybe one shot they improved. By lunch I abandoned C1 because it was running 300-400 frames behind creating previews etc. it would only speed up slightly when I stopped shooting. (I shoot a frame a second, sometimes faster, sometimes a little slower).

Any thoughts on the C1 slow down and bottleneck? I shoot to the computer which has a 2TB Samsung 980EVO SSD with about 1.4 GB normally free. I transfer the day’s shoot to two backup SSDs daily. Is my laptop the speediest on the block? At 2-3 yrs old, no, but it still does the job. I just can’t explain the slow down as the shoot progresses and no improvement with a new session. My power scheme is “Ultimate” which unlocks max power without any throttling. The computer uses a discrete Radeon GPU as well as the lame Intel and I have C1 dedicated to the Radeon GPU.

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