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Author Topic: Empty Sessions Trash Bug: Windows 11 Home Edition, Capture One Pro 12.4.X  (Read 1222 times)


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Greetings from Northern California! I hope this post finds you all in wonderful health and cheerful spirits. I am wondering, if I am the only one experiencing or have realized this oddity. It has to do with the "Empty Session Trash" command not greyed out at all when C1PRO is in Sessions Mode.

I have been a super-long time user going back to their PRO version of 3.7.8 since December 2008.

I don't ever remembered the oddity. I remember cases in the past I raised and it seems when Phase One and Capture One became separate entities, I can't find my past support cases to reference at the Phase One site.

Anyways...this is easily repeatable and I consider this a visual feedback bug.

1. Create a session with a dummy name. Doesn't matter.
2. Throw some dummy files into the Selects or Capture folder.
3. Delete those files and they would be moved into the Trash folder created by C1PRO.
4. Goto File and click on "Empty Session Trash" and you will see that the command works.
5. Navigate to the "Trash" folder of the session and you will see that it works—as expected.

This is the bug part. When there is NO TRASH in the "Trash" folder, the command should be GREYED OUT like the other commands in the menus. It is almost as if if your car's "Check Engine Light" comes on, when there is nothing wrong with the engine. It is a bug and and FALSE reporting.

Continuing with the bug, with or without the deleted files in the "Trash" folder, when clicking the command, C1PRO displays a prompt, "Do you want to delete all images from Trash" with the usual warning. The options are "Delete from Disk" or "Cancel."

You can click on either of these choices. It makes the person think they have files in the "Trash" to be emptied, when maybe there are no files there at all.

This is clearly a visual bug and has been in existence since version 12, 13, 14, and I have a feeling in the forthcoming 15.

I don't remember in which old version of C1PRO. This worked perfectly. Meaning that the "Empty Session Trash" was greyed out when there are no files in the "Trash" folder. If there are files to be emptied, the command is available to be clicked.

When Capture One Pro first introduced the Catalog mode, it was working well! Somehow, new versions maybe version 9 onward introduced that bug and it never was fixed.

Can anyone verify and confirm. If you do experience, will you please make a support and reference Case #160441.
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