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Author Topic: Long prints with iPF8000/9000  (Read 2099 times)

Doyle Yoder

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Long prints with iPF8000/9000
« on: January 11, 2007, 08:58:22 pm »

I think it is time we start this discussion.

What is the longest print you have done with the iPF8000 and 9000?

So far I have not had any jobs that require 60" by 108" or more but I know they will come. What can I expect with Windows or Mac with the Plugin or Driver? There could be a lot of waisted media and Ink to go off in uncharted territories.

Yes I know there is always Qimage but I really don't want to be laying a banner out in Indesign or Illustrator and then have to rasterize a file that size just to run it through Qimage. I'll buy a RIP before I go that route.
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