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Author Topic: Masking bug in C1v15.3 on M1 Mac  (Read 948 times)

Malcolm Payne

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Masking bug in C1v15.3 on M1 Mac
« on: June 16, 2022, 04:07:33 pm »

Has anyone else seen this? It is 100% reproducible across different images and different sessions on the Mac, but is not present in the Windows version.

(1) Add a new filled layer to an image (Layer 1)
(2) Apply a luma range - the actual luminosity values are not important
(3) Add a new empty layer (Layer 2)
(4) Copy the mask from Layer 1 to Layer 2

The mask on Layer 1 can be erased and edited as normal.

On Layer 2, the moment the eraser is applied the mask completely disappears then reappears in its entirety as soon as the eraser is released, including the supposedly 'erased' areas, i.e. it cannot actually be erased at all.

If the eraser is held down on Layer 2, the mask flickers rapidly on and off, with additional random masking artefacts.

Turning off display acceleration made no difference.

If the mask on Layer 1 does not have a luma range applied prior to copying, it behaves normally on Layer 2. Equally, it can be edited as expected on Layer 2 if the copied mask is first rasterised.

I've raised a support ticket with C1, but given the unfortunate situation in Ukraine and the probability that they are swamped with requests after the new release I suspect it may be some while before they can address the issue. This release does appear to be rather buggier than most.
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