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Author Topic: Wacom 24 pro touch, Windows 11, not getting the same depth as on the Mac  (Read 1342 times)


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Well, I made the switch from Mac to PC just recently and I'm trying to figure out what's up with the color managment.  I have just read a thread about color management being broken on windows 11 so that maybe part of my problem. My machine has a i9-12900k processor and a EVGA 3080 GPU running windows 11.   The wacom cintiq pro 24 touch works fine as far as pen and touch features and is connected to the GPU (but I could also connect to my mothertboard (ASUS z690 Maximus Hero).  I have profiled this with the Calibrite and i1 display puck.    But my monitor doesn't look right for sure in some applications.  When I view monitor test images in Chrome they definitely are not correct. On the Mac I could resolve the darkest blacks from each other, but not on the new PC.  It also appears the image is oversharpened according to the Eizo monitor test pages and possibly out of phase.  Something seems out of whack with the colors too at least in some applications.    When I look at my settings for the display it's showing the display as a generic 8bit rgb monitor connected to the Nvidea GPU.  Going to advanced properties, I can see that it has the profile I made with the i1 display software, but it just seems like it should appear in the settings as a Wacom monitor and not generic.    I have updated all drivers and software.  I reinstalled the wacom drivers and software last, but it did not fix the issue.  Hoping one of you with more experience with windows machines and color management can point me in the right direction to get the wacom set up working to it's fullest and with correct color.   
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Not sure if it helps but sounds like Windows 11 has broken it somewhere along the line. Are you able to test on a Windows 10 computer to see if it can correctly be recognised as a Cintiq 24 Pro? It looks like it had built-in LUTs so you may want to consider the Wacom Color Manager (here) to calibrate it and access the LUTs (see also here as it looks like using i1Profiler itself is sub-optimal). Unfortunately they locked the combo of the hardware + software so can't use the standard i1 Display Pro hardware (only i1Pro 1/2).

Driver wise it may need using the Device Manager to forcibly select it as a Cintiq 24 Pro over the generic RGB display or browsing to where the drivers are located to forcibly select them.
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