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Jonathan Cross

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Fuji X-E4
« on: May 22, 2022, 04:26:38 am »

I like the Fuji X series cameras.  The main reasons are that I am happy with APSC, and do not need more than 26 megapixels and I print only up to A3+ (19" x 13").  I use LR, PtGui (for stitching) and Helicon (for focus stacking).  I find the brush facilities in the current LR really good in processing RAWs, so I am a happy bunny.  I traded in my full frame kit a couple of years ago including a Canon 5D Mk3 as it was all too bulky and heavy. 

Although I have a X-T4, recently I purchased a Fuji X-E4 with the 27mm f2.8 WR pancake lens (on offer as a package in the UK).  There have been negative comments about the loss of the 4 way controller, the rear command dial and the ISO dial, but it does gain a movable screen and has the same sensor and processor as the X-T4 in a smaller package.   

I have now customised it so that the front command dial is for ISO and the top function button is for photometry, i.e. average, spot metering etc. This means that I can very easily control aperture, shutter speed, ISO and metering.  Face and eye focussing are easily selected from the Q menu button.  I am very happy with this setup.  I already have the small 35 and 50 mm f2 lenses and can easily swap. 

This is now my 'with me all the time' camera as I have a bag like a small one shoulder rucksack and it all fits very easily with spare space and is light.  I have. a wrist strap so it is secure when shooting.  Obviously it would not suit anyone with large hands, but then would any small camera?

Attached is an everyday image of 'All He Surveys' taken with the lifeboat at Salcombe in South Devon.  My X-T4 will be for more studied images, but as a carry around camera this is all I want.  I am amazed at what Fuji and Sony can fit into a small camera.


Jonathan in UK
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