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Author Topic: EPSON 9800 + Studioprint RIP + Inkpress lustre / output is now a weird "cast"  (Read 122 times)


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Issue:  overall color cast like cyan/yellow/greenish that is more apparent on some images vs others.

So, I've read a few of the threads on these printers and know some of you are VERY experienced in these machines.  I would love if someone were in the Seattle area and I could have them simply "fix" my system but talking on a call with someone might solve this as well.

To the best of what I know, here are a few details:

I ran all the machine based checks and cleaning and test functions that I am aware of including the "nozzle check" where it prints the little 8 color checker board grid for each ink and they look like they are probably correct but I'm going to google some images of what is bad and what is good because I suspect it's obvious to see if correct or wrong.

Before these cycles, a test print, as well as the first nozzle check grid, had no colors and only a little gray, after the cycles, a full image was printed and the nozzle check looked good to me with it having obvious light magenta vs not light, light black, normal black, yellow and the two cyan were more similar than the two magenta.

My "test" print is several images across a 4" strip with a couple being black and white though that BW image was still retaining its rgb image file status.  I am going to run another with bw images that are also first changed in photoshop to grayscale.  I don't actually know how the rip or printer handle a grayscale so maybe that's why those were all still rgb.

Years ago this work flow was perfect, flawless screen to print was as close as I could imaging possible.   Same paper, same rip, as far as I am aware, same settings in the RIP.   

First I assumed the ink is not proportionately good, but nozzle check makes me think it's not that even though this printer sat literally idle for about 2 years.  Maybe paper changed, seems unlikely having been covered from UV and never in direct sun.
Maybe my settings in the rip are messed up, but how, because it's not like I changed anything.  I usually open a previous job and just delete the prints there and add new ones an then save this job as a new name.

There is a little icky ink mess drag on one area but I have never cleaned the head and dock and all that stuff because I didn't know and I never ran so much through that maybe it was never an issue, but icky or not, it seems that would not affect the color cast issue.

I have been around in photography since before the internet and forums but appreciate these forums staying current like the ones I just read through about people moving from a printer like this one up to p8000, p9000, p9750 etc and all those issues so I'm hoping someone is familiar with Studioprint Classic space and can say "oh, that's this setting" or after 8 yrs the paper goes off ;)

The RIP was set up back in the beginning to this paper, and a warm rag, by using one of those color reader things and a printed color chart until it was dialed in.  I've changed nothing ever that I am aware of.

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