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Author Topic: LR Print Module "Losing" Paper Profiles  (Read 661 times)


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LR Print Module "Losing" Paper Profiles
« on: April 29, 2022, 04:53:35 am »

This is a weird one.  I have used LR since version 1 and have built up a large number of Print Presets for different printers, papers and sizes.  Many of these are now redundant but are still available.

Recently I suddenly found that all of my presets no longer referenced the paper profiles attached to them but instead had reverted to "Managed by Printer".  All the other parameters were still there - printer model, paper size, cell size, margins etc etc. but not the relevant paper profile.  All the profiles are still on the computer, recognised by LR,  and I could choose one but it did not "stick" - even after I chose it LR reverted to Managed by Printer.  What is particularly weird about this is that I had been happily printing earlier in the day, had not quit LR or restarted the computer - just simply happened.

I quit and restarted LR and found that I could choose the relevant profile and it would stick.  I've reset the preference file and updated to the most recent version (I was one release behind).  Things seem to be working OK but I still get the occasional problem in that LR won't accept a profile and reverts to managed by printer.  There is nothing wrong with the profiles - some are generic from paper manufacturers, some by Epson and some are custom that I have had made or have made myself.  All of these have been working fine for years until just now.

It is not a major problem since sizes etc. are still recognised and I now only use about 3 or 4 papers, but it is strange and a bit of a worry.

Anyone got any thoughts?
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