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Author Topic: LAST DAY: Say NO to Topaz DeNoise sale, get a better deal  (Read 136 times)


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LAST DAY: Say NO to Topaz DeNoise sale, get a better deal
« on: April 19, 2022, 05:48:56 pm »

Today is the last day to save $20 (+ another 15%) off of Topaz DeNoise AI 3.6.2. Make sure to use the link and coupon code to stack your discount; don't settle for only $20 off...

The screenshot here is DeNoise working on a film scan of an early 1990's 35mm negative.

Here are the release notes for the latest update:

Change log:

More settings in save dialog are now sticky
Make overwrite wording more clear
Added link to online tutorials in help menu
Validate makernotes and white balance to have less problems opening enhanced images in PS,LR, etc
Auto model is now sticky in plugin mode
Removed ‘Preserve Source Format’ image format option in save dialog as it’s redundant with the ‘Preserve Input Settings’ toggle
Model values in file list view now spaced out evenly


Fixed various RAW cropping/crashing/color issues
Fixed hanging on batch processing
Fixed crash in plugin mode
Fixed Lightroom plugin installer location issue when moving location of DeNoise install
Save button in save dialog is now enabled during image processing
Fixed issue where opening multiple images in external editor mode only opened some of the selected images
Fixed issue where batch skips previously cancelled images
Fixed issue where you could undo/redo during image export and get unexpected results in the export
Fixed issue where GPU utilization was high during idle

Known issues:

When saving RAWs with RAW color correction setting on, and auto model preferences, the auto values will change during processing. This is only visual.
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