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Author Topic: Sony 200-600 Wobble  (Read 275 times)


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Sony 200-600 Wobble
« on: February 24, 2022, 09:12:33 pm »

I have owned the Sony 200-600 for a couple of years, but just noticed that the collar does not fit snugly, and allows a slight wobble of the lens body when clamped to a tripod by the foot.  Tightening the screw that locks the lens rotation does not fix the wobble.  Obviously a problem when trying to achieve maximal sharpness, especially at the long end of the range or with longer exposures.

Have I just missed this in the past, or has my lens collar gone bad?  I usually use a RRS Long Lens Support Package which stabilizes the lens on both ends, so the wobble is not an issue.  But I don't want to always have to use the support, as it adds weight and bulk to my kit.

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