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Author Topic: Heat Activated Permanent Tissue Recommendations.  (Read 4906 times)


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Heat Activated Permanent Tissue Recommendations.
« on: December 03, 2021, 02:02:35 pm »

I’m a professional commercial photographer that dabbles in printing and mounting for family member prints, as well as a handful of retail and commercial clients. I’ve been mounting the ink jet prints on Grimco’s Max Metal which is a very smooth material it is basically a dibond type material; see the following link:

I have been using Seal’s Print Mount Ultra pressure adhesive. I adhered it with a inexpensive manual roller. The Seal product worked great on pieces smaller than 16”x24”, but the adhesion fails on larger pieces. That said, I’m looking to use a heat press / dry mount press to adhere fiber based fine art papers to the Max Metal substrate. I do NOT need it to be archival. I want this stuck, stuck, stuck and never to come off. What type of “dry mount tissue” / “heat activated tissues” would any of you suggest to try. Again, I want a permanent bond. I just picked up a very used (hammered) Seal Dry Mount Jumbo 150 press to begin experimenting with.
Thanking all for your responses!
Ps. I also bought the book, Mounting And Laminating Handbook (3rd Edition), based on other threads I have read on this forum. It has yet to arrive, but I’m excited to dig into it!
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