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Author Topic: DXO Photo Lab 5 underwhelming upgrade  (Read 1421 times)


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DXO Photo Lab 5 underwhelming upgrade
« on: October 22, 2021, 05:23:51 am »

I was hoping that DXO's upgrade for Photo Lab this year might fix the problems I saw when trying out version 4 last year. Sadly not.

It still tries to apply incorrect lens profiles and lacks any ability to add or use unsupported lens corrections.

Painfully unresponsive sliders. The preview image isn’t updated until you release the mouse button. Previews in Photo library take too long to load every time.

Still no large preview of noise reduction.

No simple keystone correction, you need to buy another add on.

Fuji users are now catered for and M1 silicon on Macs makes Deep Prime very much faster from what I've read, but for everyone else it's a very lack lustre upgrade :-(
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