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Author Topic: FYI: Migrating directly from i1Pro (1) to i1Pro 3  (Read 527 times)


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FYI: Migrating directly from i1Pro (1) to i1Pro 3
« on: August 10, 2021, 04:06:33 am »

Figured I would post this up as the X-Rite web site & documentation was not clear vs i1Profiler whether you can upgrade directly from an i1Pro (1) to i1Pro 3. According to the webpage Why Upgrade to i1Photo Pro 3 or i1Photo Pro 3 Plus? you can so I queried X-Rite about it as the i1Profiler software doesn't have a direct option (only either i1Pro -> i1Pro 2 or i1Pro 2 -> i1Pro 3 depending on which version of i1Profiler you have).

As of about 6 months ago X-Rite supports manual deactivation/activation of the i1Profiler license, so if you have an existing i1Pro with an i1Profiler license and an i1Basic Pro 3 you can use the Contact Us form on the X-Rite site and provide them with the S/N of both devices for them to generate the 2 required activation codes using the Manual Activation feature in i1Profiler. 1 code is for the i1Pro working with ideally i1Profiler 1.82 which enables you to downgrade the license in the i1Pro to an equivalent i1Basic license, the other code can be used with i1Profiler 3.3 to upgrade the i1Pro 3 to either your i1Photo or i1Publish license. Note if you have a i1Pro device with existing i1Match licenses these are not transferred (which is of limited use these days unless you like tinker/compare software packages).

Hopefully this helps, the sales rep I talked to mentioned X-Rite had previously not supported direct i1Pro to i1Pro 3 license migrations which had lost some good will with X-Rite when the i1Pro 3/i1Pro 3 Plus was first released which is resolved now you can upgrade directly.
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