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Author Topic: The Nikon Z 70-200mm Lens and Michigan’s “Showy Orchid”  (Read 418 times)

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The Nikon Z 70-200mm Lens and Michigan’s “Showy Orchid”

Around 7 AM found me heading out of town with some of my photo gear. Margaret was with me. And we were bound for a little-known microclimate where the Showy Orchid, one of Michigan’s rarest, should be in bloom.  I’ve monitored this small group of orchids for many decades. It is located on a slightly forested hill, with a nearby creek and almost a cross-the-hill stream making the area where the orchids are damp all the time. I never take folks here because this microclimate is just too delicate. 

Getting my largish tripod into the area required some finagling, not to mention the new somewhat heavy Z Nikkor 70-200 lens with a TC-1.14x Teleconverter. The whole rig, while not a problem on level ground, meant constant vigilance in the deep foliage halfway up the hill. Because of the ferns and vegetation, I can’t see where I’m stepping until I step there. Lucky, I had some Gore-Text ankle-high boots, which actually kept the water out because I stepped right in the stream a couple of times, unable to remove my foot because of balancing the camera/tripod one step at a time. The whole area is squishy and uneven.

The orchids were in full bloom but were a little ahead of where they usually are by this date. They were not quite finishing up, but there were few buds. It is a bit of a hike, but once there I am very grateful that such a place and such lovely flowers are still there each year and part of my world.

Nikon Z7ii and Nikon Z 70-200 lens with a TC-1.14x Teleconverter.

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