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Author Topic: Latest Bridge/Camera Raw forces re-caching - again!  (Read 776 times)


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Latest Bridge/Camera Raw forces re-caching - again!
« on: May 29, 2021, 02:11:20 am »

Rats, Adobe did it again! I upgraded today to Photoshop 22.4.1, Bridge 11.0.2, and got Camera Raw 13.2. With the new Camera Raw, Bridge is re-caching all the thumbnails again. On a library of 30,000+ images this will take many hours over several days. When the re-cache happens, Bridge becomes un-responsive. Can't scroll, can't display, can't select and open anything until it finishes caching everything.

I've been bitchin about this for years now. Used to happen with every update, but the last 3 CC updates were OK, no re-cache. Now, here we go again.

It is definitely Camera Raw that makes this happen, and it's still a mystery why that is. I've saved every version of Camera Raw back to version 7. If I overwrite the new version 13.2 with the old version 13.0 and launch new Bridge 11.0.2, no re-caching occurs.
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