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Author Topic: Withdrawal from Afghanistan  (Read 1438 times)

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Re: Withdrawal from Afghanistan
« Reply #60 on: April 22, 2021, 07:45:13 am »

You do realize that there is a difference between a clear argument and a convincing argument?

The other interesting contradiction is that when Trump said he was going to pull out the troops from Afghanistan, in addition to praising him for keeping his campaign promises, you overlooked that he was doing so against the advice of his military advisors, yet when Biden announces he is going to pull out the troops from Afghanistan, in addition to criticizing him for giving up leverage against the Taliban, you point out that he is not following the advice of his military advisors. In other words, your views differ depending who is taking the action. All of which is entirely predictable.
I agree that Trump gave up negotiating power do to his remarks about pulling out.  But Biden is president now and fully reasonable for what happens going forward.  He could have reversed what Trump said and kept US forces there.  But he didn't.  The pulling out is on his watch. We only have one Commander=in=Chief at a time. Are you claiming he isn't fully responsible for this act? 
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