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Author Topic: is a hardware puck/device required for Dell ultrasharp color callibration ?  (Read 517 times)


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so I read on Dell you download and install....and then it automatically callibrates monitor for you or do you need a puck device to read the screen. I want to upsize to a 27 inch monitor (they dont seem to come in 16:10)

Dell Ultrasharp 27 Monitor - UP2716D - claims excellent color out of the box and has this color software included.

comments? is it hard to use and/or work well

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The short answer is yes you will need a calibration device.  My preference would be the i1 Display Pro

If you are not intending others to ever view your images on their calibrated systems or not at all interested in achieving close match between a print and screen then you may find that you will be happy adjusting your monitor to taste or set by using something like to guide you in what to look for in setting your monitor


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Yes, simple as that.
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You cannot calibrate any monitor without a hardware device, a puck or similar. Some high-end monitors have come with their own calibration devices, but a device is required regardless.

Microsoft confusingly puts in Windows a 'monitor calibration' function that you do by eye, and that you could perform with any monitor. But that is not calibration in any real sense, and it relies on your subjective perception and visual acuity to make comparatively crude adjustments. It may be better than nothing, but it's neither really accurate nor really precise.

I don't know about the UP2716D, but some monitors calibrate (and profile) about as well as they can be with less expensive devices like the i1Studio Display or the older ColorMunki Display, but other monitors require, to use their full functionality, more expensive devices like the i1 Display Pro Plus.
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