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Author Topic: Tether with EOS R - slow transfer  (Read 507 times)


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Tether with EOS R - slow transfer
« on: March 04, 2021, 01:10:32 pm »

I have an issue with tethering speeds with my EOS R that I'm trying to solve. The camera is very S-L-O-W to transfer images to my laptop. This is a relatively new occurrence. I used to use C1 for tethered shooting, but the overhead it imposes was bogging down my shoots, waiting for the program to catch up. I started using Smart Shooter 4 from Tether Tools. With my new-ish R5, my shots blaze along in SS4, appearing almost as soon as I take the photo. However, with my R, it seems in the past 6 months, transfer speeds have slowed dramatically.

Even with C1, shooting RAW+mJPEG, I would see shots in about 1.5 seconds or so from my R. Now, suddenly, in C1, it takes 4-5 seconds (same for SS4). I first noticed this in November 2020, but didn't think much more about it and did he shoot with a CPS loaner R5. Testing with Smart Shooter, you can actually see the speed with which files are transferred. It wasn't my imagination. My EOS R only transfers at about 4-5MB/s! The R5 at about 130MB/s+. There shouldn't be that disparity; the R5 is fast, but not that fast. Even my old 1Dx, which used USB 2.0, was faster. (I sold the 1Dx as well as my 5Ds to buy my R5, so I can no longer compare.)

Mt camera was sent twice to repair and each time they say "It's within specs". I received a loaner R from Canon CPS repair to test against my own R body. It was about the same speed. I tested my cameras not only with my Dell XPS15 2-in-1 laptop, which I've used on shoots for 2-1/2 years, but also on my desktop which has 64GB RAM and a Ryzen 9 3900x CPU. I had almost identical speeds. Also, transfer speeds are the same regardless of whether I shoot RAW+JPEG or RAW or JPEG.

I have shot with the R since the December of 2018 and bought my own in June 2019. I know for a fact I never had transfer speed issues even as recently as June 2020, but definitely in March 2020. (Like many, work virtually died for about half a year last year.) I did a little investigation and found that Canon released a new firmware in November 2020. I have started to wonder, is this the culprit?

Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks for helping me try to solve this.
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