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Author Topic: Covid 19 Testing Fiasco  (Read 934 times)


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Covid 19 Testing Fiasco
« on: January 11, 2021, 06:28:35 pm »

I was not sure where to post this, here or in the coffee corner, but since it was part of being a professional, I figured here was the best place. 

Given my recent interactions wit pop-up Covid testing spots on locations, especially today's, I no longer have any confidence in them.  Let me make clear that testing locations in actual healthcare facilities with their own labs have all been very professional and responsive.  Here I am talking about pop-up locations that perform tests on sets and sound stages. 

Currently I am in another city producing backings for sets in a new TV show.  I needed to get tested by the production company's testing partner before being allowed on location (even though I tested negative last week, twice, by a dedicated healthcare facility).  I was told to arrive and remain parked outside the studio with my flashers on.  Under no circumstances was I to get out of my car and enter the sound stage.  I also had to be there at 1:45 sharp.  I arrived (even though I was given very bad directions and was saved by a teamster who happened to parked in a grip truck where I originally arrived, another issue) at 1:42 and remained on the phone with my client.  At 1:55, I had yet to see anyone with testing.  At this point, my client called the health coordinator who then told him I had broke protocol, entered the building, and was already tested, which was untrue.  While he was on the phone with her, three persons, obviously involved with the testing, had walked out of the sound stage all packed up and ready to leave. 

I told them who I was and that I was here for a test.  They then told me that someone had already entered saying he was me and was tested.  It is important to note they said this with a level of confidence that would lead you to believe each of them can specifically remember someone entering the stage, stating they were me, and got tested in my name.  I informed them that that person was not me, and I showed them my ID.  They then tested me, put the samples into their kit and walked to their van.  I continued to remain parked there talking with my client over the unprofessional nature of this when the person running the testing approached my car. 

He informed me that they figured out the problems.  In fact no one had actually come in saying he was me, just that they had accidentally put an empty vile in the slot with my name on it. 

Rather disconcerting. 
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