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Author Topic: Digitizing slides: Nikon ES-2 adaptor BACKORDERED--how to make do without??  (Read 534 times)


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I have thousands of Kodachromes to digitize and several weeks off of work self-isolating at home due to COVID. A great time to digitize slides! Well, it would be great if the ES-2 adaptor for Nikon dSLRs was actually available. I ordered it from B&H along with the Nikkor 40mm macro, and Kaiser Slimlight Plano light table about two months ago. I received everything except the adaptor and am still waiting, as it is still backordered. (I should probably look a bit harder on eBay, etc.)

So many things are backordered these days (for obvious reasons). Have you tried to buy a telescope lately???

Nevertheless, I am going to try doing it (at least starting) anyway. At very least, I can start to get some experience with exposure, shooting tethered (never done this before either), and some post-processing.

I imagine the adaptor will make things much easier and faster, but I assume that lacking this it should still be possible with close attention to alignment and excluding extraneous light (guess I'll be in total darkness except the light table).

Thoughts or advice appreciated.



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    • Pieter Kers

The ES-2 is also not available here in the Netherlands

There has been other posts here with information about scanning slides; do a search...
I made some 10.000 digital copies with my camera and the idea is to have a workflow that is quick and perfect- before you start. that will save a lot of time.
Use f11 (or what you need) to make sure every corner is sharp. Use a full spectrum light that is uniform as a backlight... etc
Pieter Kers
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