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Author Topic: Lightroom problems - suspecting my WD PR4100 NAS - anyone using one?  (Read 241 times)


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I'm on Windows 10 with the latest versions of Lightroom (10) and Photoshop (2021). My OS is on a NVME drive and my LR catalog is on another one. My work is on the NAS - 200K plus images.

LR adjustments give me the little exclamation mark in Grid View telling me that the image has been changed by another program (even if I haven't gone to PS yet) and LR, and that the metadata from the catalog is different from the disk drive. I'm given a choice to choose one or the other. I have changes automatically write to xmp. (which are now painfully slow to write)

Often, if I use LR and then go to Edit in Photoshop I get a message telling that there isn't enough room for the document to open.

I have a smaller catalog on an internal SATA SSD and I have no problems at all with it. The only recent change that I can think of was a firmware update by WD on the NAS. That and the problem free internal drive catalog have me looking at the NAS.

Anyone have anything similar or have any ideas? I've spent three days on this and every step forward takes me three steps back. Thanks.
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