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Author Topic: Accidental treasure, 1975  (Read 335 times)


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Accidental treasure, 1975
« on: October 25, 2020, 04:49:26 pm »

We don’t have a category for “river photography” so “street” is close enough…

I shot this photo as a young teen in 1975 on the way to my very first newspaper photo assignment. I had to walk across town to get to the location, and along the way I saw this kid down in the river scooping up fish under the bridge I was crossing.

The camera I was using was a department store display model (Argus SLR) that I bought at a discount and which was lacking the shutter speed and ASA dial plates – so I had to memorize 1000/500/250/125 (etc.) on the shutter speed dial and since I couldn’t use the built in meter without being able to set a film speed, I had to use the “sunny f/16” rule to set exposure.

This shot was taken with Tri-X in broad daylight so I used 250/16. And as a lucky accident (for me and the kid) the sun on the water turned into stars!

I won a local photo contest with this image and got a 10-speed bike. 45 years later, I colorized it and added focus and vignette effects.

Retouched and original image attached.
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