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Author Topic: Help Needed in setting margins when Printing on Roll Paper with SC-P5000  (Read 135 times)


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I'm still learning about this printer but am having problems setting margins for printing on roll paper with it.

I had some problems initially with cut sheets - finally learning that the paper settings in Page Set up impose their own ideas of borders.  But worked around that.

But doing my first print on a 17 inch roll of paper I am having problems setting borders.  I print through Lightroom and in Page Set Up chose A2 Borderless Retain Size Roll Paper.  Hovering over this option shows that it is assuming a paper size of 16.77x23.39 inches.  Close enough - a 17 inch roll is in fact 43cm wide or 16.92 inches.  It also states it it imposes 0 margins top, bottom, left and right.  So I set my margins in Lightroom as .32cm for both left and right and .64cms top and bottom.  The image fits comfortably within the frame size.  That setting should give me uniform margins but it doesn't.   The top and bottom margins seem ok but the left hand margin came out as 2.1cms and the right hand margin came out as 4cms.  Not remotely identical.

Any tips or suggestions from any P5000 user as to how to ensure even left and right margins?


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