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Author Topic: Photographers Guide and Fine Art Photography Masterclass - UPDATE!!!  (Read 239 times)

Dave (Isle of Skye)

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Hi all,

I have just added several new FREE additional online chapters to my book, so if you want directions to several other interesting photographic locations I have photographed across Scotland and which I am now starting to highlight with an ongoing series of additional chapters to my book, with direct links to maps, street views and any other interesting facts and information that I can find etc. So if you interested in photographing in Scotland then go HERE for the main website, or HERE just for the new and additional free chapters to my book ;)

I have also fully updated the website as you will see, but please be kind to me when you view it, as I am not a web designer, so I have tried to go for neat and interesting over flashy and I have also included a few of the reviews I have gathered from people on Lula, Amazon and via email etc and which I do hope you don't mind me using if this includes you and which I am very thankful for.

There are also no pop up adverts, cookies or trackers on my website and never will be, so it's just plain text, pictures and direct links that show you how to get to the exact location of where I took each and every shot, including the date and time I took them and any other relevant Exif data etc.

Anyway enough of my waffle, please do go and take a look for yourself by clicking on any of the links above and let me know what you think  ;)

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