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Author Topic: Looking to Obtain Ultra High Resolution Clouds Img for Photocollage Composition  (Read 353 times)


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Note: I've posted this in two forums (one technical, one artistic), because I wasn't sure which one was most appropriate.

Hello folks!

Because I am a fool, I've decided to make a 8 x 6 Meter (26 x 19.5 Feet) photocollage featuring impeccable detail.  The current master is 180 000 x 140 000 pixels (2500 megapixels) - plenty of detail at that scale.  I'm currently working on the sky right now, and experiencing difficulties.  Since everything is so crazy and wacky (with a LOT of compositing), I want to have the sky be a single clean exposure.  However, that kind of detail requires either an 8 x 10 negative or a really, really good 4x5 negative, which is then drum scanned at the best possible quality.

(The characters and such are complete, but the sky is just a temporary placeholder until the final image is complete.)

I was looking at shooting the image myself, but I figured that it might be easier to sample the image from experienced landscape photographers.  Would anybody on this forum have some powerful looking cloud imagery (similar to the one featured in the sample image) that they would be willing to sell / donate to my cause?  This would just be giving me rights for this project - you can keep the physical negative once I'm done scanning, and you can sell the rights for use in other projects if you so choose.

I've also included a copy of one of my previous projects in case you'd like to see samples of my existing work.  This is a photobook component of a larger multimedia project.

Let me know if you have any questions - thanks!
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