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Author Topic: HP Z9 + problems / exchange of experience  (Read 546 times)


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HP Z9 + problems / exchange of experience
« on: July 18, 2020, 08:50:19 am »

Hello everybody,

I have some serious problems with the HP Z9 + 44 "and hope to exchange experiences with other owners.

OMS profiles / paper thicknesses - carriage position cannot be adjusted:
I am currently unable to set paper thicknesses in the HP Utility. When creating a paper preset, I can set thick, but after loading the paper and the paper calibration, the paper preset is back to normal. This is also not a display error. For papers larger than ~ 280g the HP Z9 has head contact - depending on the paper type.

Manufacturers OMS files are also not a solution. I can successfully upload a manufacturer's OMS file (displayed as successful on the PC and printer), but the preset never appears in the printer for selection. I also checked whether the currently selected OMS profile might be overwritten and just not being shown to me. This is also not the case.
I have open tickets at HP Support and the errors have been confirmed but there is currently no solution. The printer is under maintenance and the hardware has also been checked on site - hardware is OK.

I am working on Windows 10 Version Ver. 1909 build 18363.959. HP Firmware JGR9_06_19_41.2.rfu.fmw, HP Utility

I also got a newer beta firmware from HP, but it only solved the problem that the star wheels could not be adjusted. All other problems remained.

My question to the HP Z9 owners how do you create paper profiles for strong papers? Can you use the HP Utility for MAC paper profiles with the type thick? then load and calibrate the paper and call up the properties again in the HP Utility - does it still say "thick" as paper strength or did it jump back to normal as in Windows?

Uploading ICC profiles to the printer is not possible:
I cannot upload an ICC profile into the printer. A similar behavior as with OMS profiles. Select the ICC name / profile that you want to replace with your own ICC profile and then upload the ICC file. The printer reports that it was successful, but the profile does not exist under the selected name. If I export the profile again to check it, it is only the default profile of the HP Z9. This is not a broken leg because I rarely use ICC profiles directly in the printer, but it is still another mistake.

Has another HP Z9 owner ever tried to load and use their own ICC profiles in the printer?

440 patch fields self-calibration / linearization:
The own calibration / linearization in the size of ~ 440 patch fields does not meet my personal requirements. The results have not satisfied me. I therefore use the ColorGate Production Server 10 software with Profiler modules. This is a software that we already have in operation (the manufacturer in Germany and not far from us), we have only added the HP Z9 device driver. So I can control the HP Z9 without errors to measure. Using a patch field generator, I create a target (e.g. 3000 and 5000 patch fields). Print this target and then let the HP Z9 measure it automatically. After the measurement, I can then automatically find measurement errors, check them and correct them if necessary (exclude). The whole thing works fully automatically in about 1:45 hours with the HP Z9 - print and measure. This is really a positive thing.

The current situation is not easy for me. The printer is here, it costs money and I can't do the job. I hope for feedback from other HP Z9 users in order to be able to identify problems faster and to remedy them.

Thank you in advance to everyone who can provide further information.

Greetings Gerd


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Re: HP Z9 + problems / exchange of experience
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2020, 07:49:02 am »

At the request of @Soboyle and Mark @MHMG from the LL contribution LINK, I will go into more detail about my previous problems with the Z9 + 44 ".

The HPZ9 + 44 "was delivered with the firmware JGR9_06_19_41.2.rfu.fmw. This is also the current firmware - both in Europe and in the USA. The firmware is from 11 Nov. 2019 and has a size of 1.6 GB current HP Utility has the version and is from 4 Jun 2020.

Own paper profile problem:
1. Own paper profile created with the setting stark (stark means heavy). Hahnemühle PhotoRag Pearl mehr Tinte (more ink) 320g

2. After loading the roll, selecting your own paper profile and density measurement, the profile is back to "normal"

When printing, there is head contact.

Manufacturer paper profile problem:
1. Upload manufacturer OMS File via HP-WEB Access

2. Confirmation from the printer

3. Confirmation by the web tool

The paper profile does not appear in any selection (the current one is not overwritten either) and can therefore not be used. So no solution to get the desired paper thickness.

Star wheel problem:
In the official firmware (JGR9_06_19_41.2.rfu.fmw) the position of the star wheel is not adjusted - regardless of what you set in the profile.
If you want to test the star wheel position in service mode, the test fails completely.

HP has provided me with a beta firmware JGR9_06_20_06.1.rfu.fmw. With this firmware, the star wheel position can be easily adjusted.
Here is the test in service mode for the star wheel position.

All other problems remain.

Firmware errors:
The HPZ9 + often has firmware errors. System errors are usually often unspecific and not documented. They depend on the respective firmware. There are notes in the service manual, but there are no precise ones.
Here are a few examples.

The errors usually occur with the HP Utiliy. So when I read and write access to the printer.
It looks like this on the computer:

My impression is that the firmware / software is not ready or was partly taken from the Z3200. If you e.g. a default ICC profile (not yet profiled) exported from the HPZ9 + and then looking at the TAG targ/text in the profile you will find that this has 864 patch fields and not 464 patch fields as after profiling.

Greetings Gerd

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