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Author Topic: WB (Kelvin) mapping to Tangent panel incorrect  (Read 500 times)

Malcolm Payne

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WB (Kelvin) mapping to Tangent panel incorrect
« on: June 18, 2020, 10:21:55 am »

Could anyone with a Tangent panel kindly check the WB value mapping for me (C1 v13.1.1)?

I'm experimenting with Tangent's Elements Kb panel, and it appears that the mapping of the Kelvin values from C1 to the Tangent is incorrect, except at the two extremes of the slider. The minimum (800K) and maximum (14000K) values are displayed correctly, but intermediate values are wildly different, e.g. Tangent displays a value of 8277 when the WB  in C1 is actually 5000K.

The Tint slider values are displayed correctly. Numeric values for other sliders also all appear to be correct.

I've raised a support request with C1 but unfortunately their initial stock response was both completely irrelevant to my enquiry and so basic and generic as to be completely useless. Sadly, it appears to confirm reports of a recent massive deterioration in the quality of their technical support, which I have always found very helpful in the past.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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