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Author Topic: Cokin p173 y n b Question  (Read 326 times)


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Cokin p173 y n b Question
« on: May 17, 2020, 11:49:51 pm »

Ok, bought a used (obviously) Cokin yellow n blue polarizer to mess around with. Know they can have color cast issues but it’s only for playing with before I move up to maybe a Singh ray. So just open the package and was looking it over, and noticed if I hold it at an angle, with a light present, I can see what looks like the internal gel polarizer reflecting back at me and it’s wrinkled. The effect is noticeable on either side with the wrinkles following the same direction. Now this may be a stupid question, but is that normal? I suspect not, and if it is not will be sending this thing back mighty fast. I have read that if these sandwiched polarizers have been subject to high heat like left in a hot car, they can delaminate and mine looks exactly what a delaminated filter could look like. So has anyone seen this, and is it something that was present on new filters way back when they were available. Any expertise on this would be appreciated.
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