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Author Topic: Warning - Loupedeck+ Does Not Work with Photoshop  (Read 247 times)


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Warning - Loupedeck+ Does Not Work with Photoshop
« on: April 16, 2020, 10:46:54 am »

For the past two weeks, I have worked with Loupedeck+ and the three programs in my workflow: Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera Raw. Integration with Lightroom is excellent and the deck is a joy to use. Among other things, I love the way using dials instead of digital sliders to make adjustments means I do not have to take my eyes off an image, the convenience of resetting individual sliders by pressing a dial, and the ability to control color channels easily.

However, the many problems with both Photoshop and Camera Raw, some serious, render the tool useless. I encountered dozens of problems with Photoshop and Camera Raw: many buttons and dials do not work as intend and some do not work at all. The most serious problem is that every turn of a dial produces a state in the History panel. If, for example, you set Exposure to 50, you get 50 states in the panel, so in a very short time the panel is filled with hundreds of states, rendering it useless. Note that this is also a problem with the more expensive Loupedeck CT.

And Loupedeck responded poorly to my emails about the many problems with Photoshop and Camera Raw. The company insisted for days that the problems did not exist, then they sent me a new software release that they claimed fixed all problems, but it did not fix any of them - not one! After two weeks of back and forth, the company finally acknowledged the problems, admitting that the most serious problem - that is, the creation of hundreds of History states - could not be solved.

Loupedeck+ has great potential but the tool’s many problems with Photoshop and Camera Raw render it useless. A pity!
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