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Author Topic: EVF idiosyncrasies with flash & continuous  (Read 169 times)

Alex W

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EVF idiosyncrasies with flash & continuous
« on: March 29, 2020, 10:29:09 pm »

Hi everyone,
Since I'm stuck indoors on heavy quarantine and nothing will be open for rental in the immediate future, I was wondering if someone could talk me through using flash with an EVF camera. I'm looking at the Z and GFX systems right now. My 2 main scenarios are as follows.

1) Studio at F8, kill all ambient, shooting at regular shutter speeds. Does it compensate for the flash settings? Obviously this is a non issue with an OVF. If it does compensate, is it only when a trigger is attached or when the camera decides "these must be flash settings"? I'm assuming you don't just see a black screen.

2) Low shutter speed continuous with hot lights, anywhere between 1/50 and a full second. The light is quite low in the room, image will be intentionally soft. Think Sarah Moon type stuff. What is the EVF doing at F2 1/4 sec ISO100 in a dark room?

Nearly 100% of my work is studio based. Perhaps in this instance SLRs are still the way to go. I'll rent a system of course but since i don't have anything on the books and the shops are shut anyway, thought I might get some opinions.

Also I have a lot of free time and there's only so long i can stare at photoshop. If only I could print here!

Greetings from Australia.



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Re: EVF idiosyncrasies with flash & continuous
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 05:15:24 am »

I can only speak for the X1D but it has a setting in the Display area for M mode (and others) to turn on or off Exposure Simulation. With exposure simulation off it is like daylight. Brilliant stuff. I expect others are the same.
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