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Author Topic: Info IPF5000 Tidbits Added to Wiki  (Read 1776 times)

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Info IPF5000 Tidbits Added to Wiki
« on: December 03, 2006, 11:22:30 am »

I have continued to expand the Wiki, if you haven't visited in the last few days you may want to check out the new stuff.  Some of the changes are small but interesting additions to existing topics.  Off the top of my head, here are some of the changes you might otherwise miss (there are probably a lot more, these are just the highlights):

1) Custom profiling section greatly expanded using media types recommended by paper manufacturers for their generic profiles.  It is interesting how many different media types are recommended, and the "Special" types show up fairly frequently.

2) I measured the power consumption of the printer in various modes with a Kill-a-Watt meter that you plug into the wall, then plug the printer into the meter.  Sleep mode uses only 3 watts (specification < 6 watts) and online but idle uses about 10 watts (not printing, initializing, cleaning heads or anything else).  Suggestion made to set sleep timer to 60 minutes to save yourself the annoyance of having the printer go in and out of sleep mode, since it only consumes an additional 7 watts idling over sleep mode.

3) Ink tank lights start flashing when down to 20% remaining

4) Updated figures for Epson 3800 and 2400 ink cost per ml based on more accurate size and street price of cartridges.

This following tip hasn't been added yet, but will be shortly.

5) You can get some very interesting information from the GARO status monitor from the Information Tab, click "Status Display":

--your serial number, handy if your printer is up against a wall like mine.
--the ink remaining in each cartridge presented numerically rather than graphically
--the numbers (offsets?) from the head alignment procedure.  May be helpful in diagnosing a problem with your printer.
--head lot numbers
--how much you have used the cutter, cassette, roll holder, with a breakdown by media type
--many of the printer control panel current settings
--parts status (but cryptic)

As always, if you see anything that is incomplete or in error, feel free to correct it, or send me a message so I can make the corrections.


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