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Author Topic: Great fun with Hasselblad 38mm (SWC, SWC/m, 903, 905)  (Read 1023 times)


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Great fun with Hasselblad 38mm (SWC, SWC/m, 903, 905)
« on: February 11, 2020, 02:14:59 am »

Inspired by Leica Q2, now Hasselblad 38mm SWC is my Hasselblad Q2.
When shooting with 48mmx36mm 39M9 digital back, it works as 21-28mm (35mm equivalent) super wide camera, but due to the massive number of pixels (to me 18mp is enough), it can be cropped to, say, 36mm x24mm 18mp when I want ~40mm equivalent focal length. So effectively I have a 21-40mm zoom.

But, it can do more. I can shoot film with my perfect 54mm x54mm square format. Even 54mm x24mm panorama (using A24 to load 35mm film, I have my home brew spool for the purpose, but it can be bought from eBay too, ~$6).

Due to its mirrorless nature, the viewfinder and focusing can be a little tricky,

Focusing is easy, I have a Watameter, which is a cheap vintage but excellent uncoupled range finder. Very accurate from 25cm upto 12meter. I mount it on the cold shoe of Hasselblad flash bracket, the bracket also helps to hand carry the SWC. To focus, I look through the Watameter while turning the range finder wheel with my left hand thumb. However, it is only needed for close up. For landscape when the distance is typically 3M to infinite, hyper focal works much more than enough.

Shooting digital back or panorama has a little trouble with the range finder. For this, I draw my customized frame lines on the outer surface of the front element of the Hasselblad view finder, I actually had an DIY frame mask inserted in the front element of the olde version view finder, but I think it could be too much trouble for many people. Drawing on the outer surface is good enough.

To shoot film, I found ISO 50-160 works best. ISO 400 may limit the largest aperture to 11 when it has full sun shine. (Because the fastest shutter speed is 1/500). 

Now ai wish I have a good setup to convert my films to digital files.
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