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Adjustment buttons
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Simpson Cleaning MS60763S 3000 PSI Review: A Powerful Home Pressure Washer

Simpson is not a new name in the pressure washing industry. In fact, it is one of the best pressure washer cleaner Thekinglive available nowadays, with a reputation for their reliable products.

And if you want to get a powerful Simpson machine at a reasonable price to bring a shiny look to your house, consider the MS60763S 3000 PSI.


The Simpson MS60763S 3000 PSI has a weight of around 63 pounds and dimensions of 23x18x33 inches.

This machine is actually lighter when compared to other machines with the same power. With the compact design, you can easily carry it around your house to do the cleaning tasks.

Engine and Pump

In the MS60763S 3000 PSI gas pressure washer, Simpson uses the 196cc RH265 engine from Kohler, a perfect choice for household cleaning tasks.

Additionally, the Axial Cam pump requires minimal maintenance, so you are free from worries about spending too much time on maintenance, which is always a daunting task.

The Kohler engine can deliver a water pressure of up to 3000 PSI while the pump can squeeze out 2.4 gallons of water per minute. To house this powerful machine, Simpson has used durable welded steel, making it tougher than regular plastic constructions.

Spray gun, Hose

This pressure washer comes with a pro-style spray gun.

Its trigger safety lock-out mechanism ensures that there are no accidental water jets, which are seriously dangerous at high pressure. You can quickly connect it with five different nozzle tips, starting from the zero-degree one to the 40-degree nozzle.

Simpson also offers another replacement spray gun that you can use to upgrade it. All of them are compatible with standard wand connections and threaded high-pressure hoses.

The 25-foot Hose of the MS60763S 3000 PSI is a MorFle high-pressure version, which uses the M22 connectors. Its materials make sure that the Hose can resist abrasion and kink.


3000 PSI is a cleaning power you often only see in commercial-grade pressure washers. But with the SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763S, you can have this powerful tool right in your house to clean even the toughest dirt from all kinds of surfaces. That is why it's one of the Best home pressure washer you can find right now.

On top of that, the high-quality pump produces a water jet of 2.4 GPM - a decent number for anyone who wants an efficient and fast cleanup.

But there is one small issue. Many customers have complained about the machine, which is really hard to start and sometimes even shuts down for no reason while running.


Like other machines from Simpson, this is a pressure washer that will serve you for a long time. With a tough steel frame and durable components, the Simpson Cleaning MS60763S is not one of those models on the market that wears out quickly, even while performing heavy-duty tasks.


For the engine, you have a 2-year limited warranty while this period is 1 year for the pump and the frame. This is long enough to cover all the trouble you may face with a typical gas-powered pressure washer.

But you need to make sure that your dealer promises to repair the engine when necessary since many don't provide this service.

Pros and Cons


- Powerful pressure

- Durable frame

- Various spray patterns with 5 types of nozzle

- Easy to handle

- Require minimal maintenance


- Reasonable price

- Many deals don't provide repair service

- The engine is hard to start

Our verdict

You will not always find a household pressure washer with such powerful pressure. This is a decent choice from the Best pressure washer brands when you want to deal with tough dirt in your house.
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