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Author Topic: Fujifilm Repair Service  (Read 374 times)


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Fujifilm Repair Service
« on: December 09, 2019, 02:19:21 pm »

I have just received my GF 23mm lens a second time from the UK service center. The lens fell down - with the GFX100 attached - from the tripod, maybe 1.5 m - on a solid rock in the rainforest of Madagascar...
After the first shock, everything was working and image quality was still fine. There was a slight damage on one of the lens rings so I have sent the combo to the service center. The camera was still ok and they replaced the Iris ring of the lens. The bill seemed to be acceptable, but the lens was not really sharp anymore on the left side of the image. So, I have sent the lens back for adjustment. Ten days later the lens came back - same problem.
After checking with the Fuji reps, I have got the information that after dropping a lens like that, it would be almost impossible to get the sharpness back as requested....?!
Hmmm - the lens/sharpness was ok, when I sent it for replacing the ring - and now it is not anymore - and the Repair center says they cannot properly adjust it.
I can buy a new lens now and you should be aware of this situation....
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