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Author Topic: Still can't figure out the basics of opening a raw file in Capture One  (Read 2213 times)


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Re: Still can't figure out the basics of opening a raw file in Capture One
« Reply #20 on: December 29, 2019, 04:04:50 pm »

I used LR from V1-6 and it is natural to like what you are used to. The scenario is quite common, you import a couple of images into new software, pull a few slider swith names you recognise (even though they may not do the same thing), and then go meh!  I know that is what I have done in the past.:-)

With new software you have to recognise that it is not LR (or whatever you are using). C1 has a different philosophy to LR and is much closer to PS.  The guy who developed lR approached it with a "anything but PS mind set".  You can see this in the crop tool for LR which works the opposite way to every other image editor :?-)

C1 also contains tools which are not in LR and if you don't use them then you are restricting C1 to LR limitations.  These extra tools allow you to work in ways that you can't do in LR and you need to know about them and use them to do a fair comparison.



Hello Ian,
Thank you for your long and specified answer...
Must say that LR has improved since V6 with clarity and texture added and is much faster.
But you are right that i may need to have another look into it.
The skin tones can be treated with more care as you say and the way colours can be made more similar is a great feature...
I still miss the many lens corrections that i need but at least you can also switch them off unlike with some cameras in LR.
Also i prefer the way LR works with what is called in C1 the Adjustment panel, but that might be something to just get used to...

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