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Author Topic: F-Stop Gear Photo Pack  (Read 99 times)


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F-Stop Gear Photo Pack
« on: October 08, 2019, 11:22:26 am »

I have an unused F-Stop Gear "Satori" backpack and XL ICU (internal camera unit). This is a precursor to their current "Sukha" model. The camera dividers were never even put in place. I have 4 F-Stop backpacks (which I love), and this one just never got used, and has just sat on a shelf.

More photos

This is a pretty large pack, around 60-70 Liters, and will carry a lot of gear. I love the F-stop packs, and the equivalent current setup would be $465. (w/o the icu).

Price:  $200, plus 25 for shipping from Colorado) in the US.

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