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Author Topic: Slow tethered transfers from EOS R  (Read 320 times)


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Slow tethered transfers from EOS R
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:16:58 pm »

I have a week long shoot I started today with an unpleasant surprise. The tether transfer of images from my EOS R is S-L-O-W, almost 3 seconds per RAW images transferred to the Thunderbolt port of my Dell XPS15 2-in-1.

Some quick background. Back in January, I started shooting parts of my shoots with the R, largely anything tethered because of speed. At first, it was actually slow, a complaint I voiced to Phase One who said they were aware and I received a beta update that corrected that in time for a shoot back then. Fast forward to now, all my shoots since then have been fine -- about a second for each RAW+JPEG shot. (I don't tether frequently since most of my shooting is location and I prefer to shoot to cards, so I had reason to expect oterhwise.) I updated C1 a few weeks ago, and today, shooting was so slow, I had to NOT shoot RAW+JPEG and, instead, shot only RAW.

There is nothing in my workflow that has changed from a month ago or even 6 months ago in how I'm shooting. One last detail. I discovered that transfers speeds picked up slightly when I stopped shooting, as in to clear the buffer since I was frequently filling it. By "faster", I'm talking maybe 2 seconds per frame -- but that's a lot slower than 1 second for both RAW and JPEG.

Anyone run into something like this recently? I shoot a lot and quickly, so this impedes the way I normally work. (I shot about 140GB today. While I would normally have been finished with work the end of the day, I spent several hours in my hotel room creating JPEGs for the client to view and edit from.)

Thanks for any thoughts.
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