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Author Topic: Costco Fuji Frontier Math?  (Read 177 times)

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Costco Fuji Frontier Math?
« on: September 21, 2019, 02:20:26 pm »

I need help!  In the past I have submitted files to Costco to print on 11" x14" paper. I was matting them so the opening came to 10.5" x13.5", with a resolution of 300ppi.  Following the instructions on the Dry Creek website I increased the canvas size by 1.5%, and the prints I got back worked fine, and the softproofing with the Costco Luster profile gave me the color control I wanted.

Now I have a different situation.  I have to end up with prints exactly 8" x 6" for a project where they will be framed at exactly that size.  Costco does not have prints that size, so I am sending them files for 10"x8" with my actual photograph a 8"x6" centered on the 10"x8" canvas, and will then trim the prints down to the 8"x6" size.

I am using Dry Creek's Fuji table to increase the canvas size.  The table says for 10" paper, add 36 pixels, for 8" paper add 34 pixels, and for 6" paper, add 18 pixels (considering resolution of 300ppi).

I sent a file for a test print, and found out my reasoning was wrong.  I made the canvas 3036 pixels x 2434 pixels, as a white border around the 3,000 x 2400 pixel area I made gray around my actual image area.

My thinking was that the Fuji Frontier would expand my print to get rid of the white border, so to keep by image area from expanding beyond 8"x6" I should decrease the image so I subtracted 26 pixels from the 6" sides and 28 pixels from the 8" sides, to see if that got me close to the actual 8"x6" on the test print.

The 10"x8" test print came back with the white border completely cut out, but the 8"x6" area came back smaller that the size I needed.  In inches, I had reduced the 8" side to 7.88" and that came back at 7.906".  The 6" side was submitted as 5.91" and came back slightly smaller than that, at 5.875".

So I have several questions:  1) Does the Fuji Frontier simply crop off the added border, or does it stretch the image by the amount of the added pixels and then crop?
    2) Does my 8" x 6" image get bigger, remain the same, or shrink on the final print?
    3) What is the number of pixels I need to add to, or subtract from, the original 2400 x 1800 pixels to have the final print of that part of the image be 8" x 6"?

My eyes glaze over...this is above my pay grade :(

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