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Author Topic: benq sw2700-i1 display -win 10  (Read 476 times)


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benq sw2700-i1 display -win 10
« on: August 13, 2019, 10:27:50 am »

Looking for some advice.  I got a BenQ sw2700 and calibrated with my i1 disply pro (old) on win 10 pro 64 system with Pallet master. It worked fine, like always. I just did a recalibration and it wanted to update pallet master so I did. and may have had updates to win 10 (everything on my system is now up to date all the time, win 10,PS,LR etc.)  But after trying to profile both on basic and advanced I now get a can not use - defective profile pop up. went thru benq and pallet master help and contacted support and advice I got was to delete all color profiles (have ton of printing and color etc.) and try again. I have just downloaded latest driver from xrite but curious if any one else has run into this. I do not want to remove all my printing stuff etc. And I went back in the threads here and see I could just use the xrite software on video card  vs. the pallet master on the benq hardware? any thoughts on quality of result on one vs the other? or has  anyone else seen this and solved?
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